In association with Peter Buckley Hill’s Free Fringe we are presenting 9 nights of  stand up, cabaret  and comedy theatre in Glasgow’s original comedy club – Blackfriars Basement. All shows are free to attend.​ 

Sat 25 July: Susie McCabe/Chris Forbes and Cammy Sinclair

Sun 26 July: Howard Read/Larry Dean

Mon 27 July: Elf Lyons & Monster-A-Gogo

Tue 28 July: ​Cantankerous Theatre & Raymond Mearns

Wed 29 July: Edinburgh in the Shadows & Mark Nelson

Thu 30 July: Adrian & Alex Kealy and Friends

Fri 31 July: James Bennison & Sam and Jon

Sat 1 Aug: Obie & Gary Meikle

Sun 2 Aug: Christel Bartelse & The Creative Martyrs