Brain Matter

Showtimes:  12.30pm, 3pm and 4pm (Merchant Square)

Is your brain working too hard? Does it refuse to leave the office on time? Obsessed with order? Join the Brains in their regimented march and watch their attempts to organise the mind. But don’t let Boss Brain spoil all the fun… don’t you think it’s time for a little chaos? 

From performance and fine artist Ruby Hirsch and director and performer Mamoru Iriguchi, Brain Matter is a rebellion against the world we’ve found ourselves in - cut off from our senses, and stuck in the doldrums. Let’s get out of our heads, open our eyes, ears, and noses to the world around us and have some fun!

**FREE to attend, no ticket required 

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  • Free - no ticket required
  • Open to All

Dates & times

  • 29th Jul 2022
  • 12:30PM - 4:30PM

Venue details

  • Merchant Square Albion Street
    Merchant City
    G1 1NY